The Blog Update

8/4/16 The Blog Update

Hello Visitors!!!

I'm long overdue since posting an update but it is because I've been pushing forward to secure my financial future.  Is it working?  Yes!  Has the daily residual income increased?  Yes!  Earning pennies a day gradually turned into earning dollars a day.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  It is possible to create daily passive income online.  It is possible to earn money on the Internet when you are not physically working online.  I am proof that it can be done.

I use to feel that people who have succeeded beyond their expectations had some kind of head-start OR were just very lucky.  I don't hold that opinion anymore. Why?  Because I have turned into that someone who is now living the transition of building a successful Internet Business that produces daily residual income.  I was taught that most people fail because they do not stick it out long enough to reap monetary rewards.  I now believe that to be true.  There were endless times I wanted to throw in the towel because of the learning curve I had to endure and the sacrifices I had to make alone.  It seemed like I would never reach the light at the end of the tunnel.  Now I'm walking in the light and never thought that time would come.

Q & A 

  • Am I earning enough money not to work for someone else?  No.
  • Am I earning enough money to pay off debt I accrued while taking a chance in life?  Yes!  I did not work for someone else for about a year to take a chance.
  • Do I see myself self-employed in the near future?  Definitely!
  • Am I earning enough money not to stress about my future financial security?  Yes!

The Future ?

What is wonderful about using the Internet to build a successful online business is that I will never hit a dead end.  I use innovative technology that constantly evolves.  Each time I master an income stream that produces residual daily income, I learn about another income opportunity that can earn me daily passive income too.  Each time I learn how to use another computer, smart-phone, digital camera or tablet I integrate each device to expand my online business.

Since the last update I've done a lot but now doing a lot is a lot more fun to do. My years of experience helps me to catch on quick instead of struggling for months to learn something new.  I've become an expert at doing something I'm passionate about.  It excites me to create something from nothing. It excites me when I see/find new opportunities that can better secure my financial future.  I relish any chance I get to push forward to generate self wealth in an industry that offers endless opportunities.  I'm developing a brand name for myself.  Acquiring 21st century skills was the best action I ever took.  The possibilities are there, the opportunities are there, and the monetary rewards are there too.  It is true that if you love what you do for a living it does not feel like work.

I hope you enjoyed the update.  Of course I'll be back to post more updates.  I got so much more to share.  Never give up folks.  Keep on pushing forward.  :)

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2/17/2016 The Blog Update


I know it has been a long time since the last Blog Update but I do have a good excuse.  I've been working my ass off to become more successful online.  It is working.

What have I been up to?  I've been researching, studying, creating, writing, recording, organizing, updating, editing, joined more Affiliate programs and expanded my social media network presence.  I do something almost every day.  Building a successful Internet based business has become a reality for me.

The URLs listed below are just a handful of the pieces of work I produced between 10/3/2015 to 2/17/2016.  Time consuming only because I do my best to produce quality instead of quantity.  The quality URLs turned into quantity URLs and over time the quantity URLs helped me earn daily residual income faster.  I always believed I would start to earn daily income faster and it finally has happened.


New Pieces Of Work

New Videos
How to create an Adsense Ad Unit 728x90
Improve Search Engine Index Rank
Submit Adsense Site Management URLs
Bing Webmaster Tool Verify and Sitemap Submission
How Google Crawls a Website Part One
How Google Crawls A Website Part Two
How to submit URL's to Google Search Engine
How To Submit URLs To Bing Search Engine
Proven Internet Marketing Techniques
Why Block Out Specific Adsense Ads
Earn money selling on Amazon Instant Video
No Pay and "F" Myself, really?
Blocking Adsense Ads Again-Had To Do It
Life Is A Distraction
Hashtag Marketing Tips
Adword Ads Blocking - Why?
Dot Com will die
TLD Registrars   TLDs & gTLDs
Sedo Buy, Sell & Park Domain Names
Protect Your Biz

I do run a second Youtube Channel but that Youtube channel is a miscellaneous channel. The Youtube links listed above lead to my Youtube channel that speaks about Internet stuff and entrepreneurial endeavours.

I've said this many times before.  The Internet offers endless opportunities to earn income. 

Until next everyone.  Thank you for reading and I hope that my success helps you stay the course to reach your online goals.

Michelle Cesare

Internet Entrepreneur

10/3/2015 The Blog Update

What have I been up to lately?

Plugging along with forward motion.  Lately my focus has been manual Internet Marketing. Yes, I manually post Shout Outs on all the Social Media platforms I use and included Hashtags in the Shout Outs too.  I learned that over time Hashtags create organic traffic.

I added seven Social Networking Icons to the top right of my website.  I've been working hard to build up more of a Following/Subscribers/Likes.  It takes time but over time the numbers start to rise on their own.

Another form of manual Internet Marketing I set in motion is posting ads to Every other day I upload two ads marketing my website, Linkedin profile, Facebook pages and the like. I've noticed a boost in traffic to my website and profiles.

Another milestone I reached?  Amazon Instant Video approved my film.  You can look up "A Pioneer's Foresight" in Amazon Instant Video.  I now sell my film via Amazon Instant Video.

 A Pioneer's Foresight

Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading and until next time my friends.  Never give up on your dreams and goals.

8/27/2015 The Blog Update


Why?  I've been working more behind the scenes for the past eight months BUT I have not steered off course with pushing forward to create daily residual income to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

What have I been up to?  I trained myself enough to produce a film to sell on Video-On-Demand platforms.  Why?  To set up many more streams of residual income that are connected to my Internet presence.

So far I uploaded my film to three Video-On-Demand platforms and waiting for Amazon to upload my film to their Video-On-Demand platform too.  My goal is to upload my film to as many VOD platforms as possible to attract a new audience.

I'll be back to inform you when my film A Pioneer's Foresight is available to buy at Amazon.

 A Pioneer's Foresight

Don't forget to visit to print free manufacture coupons.

12/2/2014 The Blog Update

Yup, four months since the last blog update.  What have I been up to?  I’ve been working hard to reach the set goal of generating $100.00 a day in residual income. Have I reached the set goal of earning $100.00 a day in residual income? Nope, but I do earn daily residual income whether I’m working online or not.

There have been lots of highs and lows and there have been obstacles to overcome.  I’ve implemented multiple streams of income that will continue to earn me residual income into the future.  The foundations I’ve set up earn me a few dollars a day the residual way and some days I generate more revenue.  I generate more money when I make an Amazon sale, I earn more money when visitors print Internet coupons from my website and sometimes I earn more money from visitors clicking on Adsense ads placed throughout my website platform.  Everyday earns me a different amount of money but every few months the amount of daily residual income I earn gradually increases.  My financial future is much brighter compared to my financial standing in the here and now.

Another obstacle I needed to overcome was to learn how to become more of a computer technician.  I’ve taught myself how to update my computer operating system, how to use more advanced programs to produce better quality videos and websites and improved my multi-tasking skills to accomplish more in less time. I’ve become more efficient and productive.  These are factors I never took into consideration when starting an online business.

Working full-force has led me to building a website that sells food and products. I focus adding webpages to the foundation. is growing into an online store.  Building an online store was not my original goal. I now sell Amazon merchandise and earn Amazon commission more often.

What next?  The next obstacles I need to overcome is to produce better quality videos using a green-screen, using the updated video program I added to my computer and to produce a better Roku TV Channel.  By the way, I do show commercial ads on my Roku TV Channel and that is why I know I need to produce better quality video content and I need to upload content more often.

If I don’t post an update before the end of the year, I wish all of you a Happy New Year. I believe 2015 will bring me into a new life chapter that will last for decades.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading, and never give up on the goals you set for yourself.

Michelle Cesare

8/21/2014 The Blog Update

Its been a while since the last blog update but that does not mean work has stopped.  Sometimes behind the scene work needs to be done and sometimes that takes longer to finish than planned.  Any steps taken to push forward is a step in the right direction.

What have I been up to?  I am an Entrepreneur at heart but I needed to regroup to figure out how I was going to eat and pay the bills.  I panicked and made the decision to accept two jobs.  I became an Event Specialist who executed food/product demonstrations and I accepted an office position at a local Insurance Company. Working both jobs was not hard for me but what was hard is that in the month that I made the decision to work two jobs AGAIN the tables FINALLY turned in my favor.  My Internet business all of a sudden became steadily profitable.  The daily residual income I HOPED to create actually became daily residual income.  I was thrilled that years of working for free started to pay off.

OK, I realize that the hard part is over but I decided to keep my head down and focus working two jobs to see how long I could last.  I hung in there but as time went on I realized I really liked being an Event Specialist more than an office assistant.  Executing food/product demonstrations fit right in with one of my online businesses.  I run a website where I promote Internet coupons and eCoupons and during most of the demos I execute I speak about food and hand out coupons.  Both worlds complement each other beautifully.  Because I figured out what will work for me I gave the office a months notice and now focus working on the website again and work part-time as an Event Specialist.

Can you understand the moral of my story?  At the point of giving up I was guided to a better fit.  A destiny I did not plan for myself but instead was guided to.  As I continued to work as an Event Specialist I would take a picture of the table demonstrations I'd set up to perform my duties.  Originally I took the pictures to show off the demos to my Facebook friends and family but then realized I could use the pictures to help build my website.  WOW!  Integrating the food table demo pics lead me to a creative Internet marketing practice I never considered.  After uploading the demo pictures to my website I would inform the brands that I promoted their product by posting the picture on their Facebook Page so they can see the quality work I do and of course each time I posted a picture on a brands Facebook Page I would include a link to the webpage showing the demo picture.  Companies get free advertising and I receive extra traffic to my website.  It is a win-win for all.

Learning two new jobs, using any spare time to keep the website moving forward, family, friends and responsibilities took up all my time.  If I spared an hour a day working online that was a lot but sometimes behind the scene work must be done to help you get where you want to be.  The whole purpose of dedicating my time to work alone over the past five + years was to create a better lifestyle for myself. Working two jobs again just to pay the bills helped me see that the choices I made for myself to work alone on a vision nobody understood at the time was the best thing I ever did besides giving up smoking.  I made a deal with myself that I did not want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore and I did not want to work hard for others so they would not have to live paycheck to paycheck.  I know what it is to work hard for others to live with less and I did not want to live that way anymore. Making the hard choice to withdraw from society to create a better lifestyle with better financial security had to be done and I showed that making lifestyle changes is tough but possible.

If you would like to see how I used the food and product demonstration pictures to expand my website Click Here.

I hope you enjoyed my story and I hope you learned from my story too. Sometimes we must look back or relive a chapter in our lives to see how far we've come to anticipate what is to come.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer season.  Until next time my friends.

5/5/2014 The Blog Update


What is new?  Just because I have not posted an update in a while does not mean I have not been working hard building my Internet business.  I've been working tasks daily to help expand my Internet business online and offline.  Building successful Internet residual income does not happen over night but it does eventually start to happen.

When I started to write content to generate residual income I thought I would simply write interesting informative articles and blogs but as time passed by I learned there are thousands more opportunities available to wanna be entrepreneurs.  I now earn daily residual income promoting products and services and I earn residual income as a Youtube partner too.  I'm still amazed by the endless of opportunities available on the web.

Writing online turned me into an expert Internet Marketer who is now seasoned in the Social Network Internet Marketing industry.  I record videos and upload them to my InternetEducation101 Youtube channel for people to learn how to utilize Social Networks and free resources available on the web and doing so lead me to teach Adult Education classes at local High Schools.  The desire to better my financial standing for my future lead me to a new career path that I enjoy.  Loving your career is the true path to personal success.

As time went on I made a connection with an entrepreneur who lives local to me.  We set a time to speak on the phone, we met in person and now we regularly work together to help each other build up our businesses.  We are not in the same field of work but our businesses have relevancy.  We both promote businesses to build up our businesses.  We barter our skills.  He promotes me and I promote him.  Locally his is well-known as the Running Suit Guy.


That is it for now.  I will continue to push forward and each time I do I will post an update here at The Blog Update.  Never give up on your goals.  Push forward daily and eventually you will achieve your desired success.

Thanks for stopping by.

1/4/2014 The Blog Update

Happy 2014 everyone.  I felt it was time for an update.  I'm here to show off how you can gradually build a successful Internet Business to generate daily revenue faster.  Here we go.

I'll start off sharing the new webpages added to the website.  I'm having fun adding new topics to expand the foundation.

NutriBullet Weight Loss
Personalize It Gifts
Sweet Delights Gifts
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Next I'll share the new webpages added to the website.  I created new webpages speaking about topics that interest me and that have relevancy to the main topic of the website.

 Roku TV Channel Developers

 English Speaking Dictionaries and Translators

 Michelle Cesare's Resume

An important part of building a successful website or blog is to update outdated content.  Take the time to edit your own work, add new content, update inbound links, and images/banners.  Updating work is just par for the course and should be done occasionally.

As I expand I learn.  I made concrete decisions concerning which Publisher Programs and Affiliate Programs I will continue to use for many years.  Instead of trying to be a part of as many opportunities as possible which is hard to do, I will focus on a handful that have worked for me and still do.  I list the Publisher Programs and Affiliate Programs I decided to use.

Publisher Programs

Affiliate Programs

I run two YouTube Channels and I uploaded many videos to each channel since the last update.  No rhythm or rhyme. When an idea came to me I would record a video to upload it to one of my YouTube Channels.  I'm a YouTube Partner so the more videos I upload speaking about many different topics the more viewers the videos will receive and that increase the chance to generate daily revenue faster.

InternetEducation101 is my main channel.

HomeBaseIncome101 has become my miscellaneous channel.

If you get discouraged when working online, remember that I too was new, got frustrated and discouraged but I continued to push forward.  I took many steps back before I got here.

Thank you for stopping by and hope me sharing my experiences help you reach your goals of online success.  Until next time friends, good luck.

10/14/13 The Blog Update

Times are changing fast but they change even faster online.

The first tidbit of information is to inform you that the Viraliti Pinterest Opportunity is going out of business.  Viraliti itself is not going out of business but the opportunity linked to Pinterest will no longer be available.  Viraliti will soon start dishing out payments to everyone who earned income pinning ads to their Pinterest Boards.  The word out on the web is that Pinterest will soon have their own in-house free to join opportunity to generate income.

The next tidbit of information is to inform you of a new Facebook Page I started and titled the Roku TV Channel Developers.  Roku TV channel developers and Roku users can give their favorite Roku TV channel a Shout Out, rate channels, post suggestions and show support.  Visit the Roku TV Channel Developers Facebook Page to join in on the conversation.

The last tidbit of information speaks about bubblews a Revenue Sharing Website.  Because of the constant chaos and drama posted on my Social Media accounts and the endless members complaining about not getting paid and me having to ask over and over again to get paid, (I felt as if I had to beg to get paid) I decided to take down all the bubblews articles I wrote to discontinue my association with them.  I plan to upload all the articles I took down to other platforms like my websites and blogs.

That is it for now folks.  Thanks for visiting and remember to never to give up on any goal you set for yourself.

Click Here to join the conversation at the Online Article Writers Facebook Group.

9/8/13 The Blog Update

Adding value to a website, blog or article makes your website, blog or article more appealing to the Search Engines.  It is a gradual process of expanding a platform but a necessary process if you want repeat traffic but more importantly new organic traffic.  Organic traffic increases the odds of repeat traffic.

I added two new webpages to my website and of course visitors can easily navigate throughout the website.   Topics include Internet Marketing Scams and Invention Help to learn how to deter getting scammed by an online invent company/website.

A new webpage was added to the website speaking about protecting yourself when hiring a Pet Sitting Service to watch your animals and house.  Learn inside secrets Pet Sitting Companies companies do not want consumers to learn about.

New Money Saving Ideas were added to the Money Saving Ideas webpage too.

I hope my experience of building a successful Internet business helps you understand that gradual daily work can help your bottom line by attracting new and repeat visitors.

If you Roku, don't forget to visit the Roku TV Channel too.  New videos will be uploaded this week.

Thanks for visiting friends,

Michelle Cesare

8/26/13 The Blog Update

Adding value by adding new content gradually to websites, blogs and articles eventually will bring the results of increased daily residual income.  Tweaking content, tweaking formats and adding new fresh content does impress the Search Engines.

I've been expanding two of my favorite websites.

At the website I added a new webpage speaking about money saving ideas.  I built a solid webpage foundation to gradually and easily add new fresh content to in the future.
Money Saving Ideas

At I added a new webpage with lots of new fresh interesting content.  I share my story of how my Internet Business developed into a Mobile Internet Enterprise.
Mobile Enterprise

Don't forget to visit the Public Roku TV Channel if you Roku.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of the Summer.

7/31/13 The Blog Update

7/31/13 The Blog Update

One of the freedoms I appreciate so very much is the freedom of working on my Internet business from almost virtually everywhere.  The freedom mobile devices give me to gradually build daily residual income has given me more time to enjoy life.

Building a successful Internet business as a content writer can be started in your spare time.  Tablets and mobile devices give people the freedom to work almost virtually anywhere they have the spare time or make the time.  Of course having an Internet connection would be ideal but it is not necessary.  Writing content when the mood strikes is the best time to write and using a mobile device instead of actually writing the content using paper and pen saves time.  There are many times I write using the Note App on my iPad then when I have Internet access upload the content to the web.

Another way you can create a stream of income is to record videos and upload them to your Youtube account.  Technology makes it so easy to record and upload videos.  Record videos sharing your interests because if you find it interesting then thousands of people probably will find it interesting too.

In my opinion developing an Internet business to earn daily residual income has given me back time and I enjoy life so much more than I did before.  I built a successful Internet business helping people learn how to earn money online free by teaching how to create residual income.  I teach others what I do, they follow lead, they start to earn residual income, they recruit and teach people what I taught them and they earn additional income from people they recruited and the proven method to building residual income online continues to help people down the line.  People helping people using free resources available on the web works.

I am adding this blog update while sitting poolside on a beautiful Summers day.  In my opinion, unless I hit the lottery, life does not get better than this but then not helping others to better their financial future would make life boring.  I love what I do.

I recorded a video, uploaded it to one of my Youtube accounts to show people that it is possible to work an Internet business in your spare time.  I love the freedom the Internet business I built gave me.

7/8/2013 The Blog Update

The Topic Of The Day Is.....

Roku streaming TV devices used to develop a Private Roku television channel make it possible to turn the Private television channel into a Public Roku television channel to get listed into the Roku Channel Store.  Roku has millions of users and viewers and getting a Public Channel listed into the Roku TV Channel Store increases the odds of a huge percent of those millions of users will come across your Roku channel.

I'm an Internet Marketer and when I found out I could develop a television channel of my own I jumped on the opportunity and got straight to work.  I already was a Roku user and viewer so doing a little research to find out more about it was doable.  I learned all I had to do was learn how to use a program and upload the videos and content to the program.  Yes, I did have to learn a program but now it is a program I will use for years to come.

I'm proud to say I have a Roku TV channel up and running and I upload information to promote my Internet business to an untapped market.

If you Roku visit Roku TV Channel.

Here is the direct link to visit the channel -

I uploaded videos to my Youtube account to introduce the program I've been using to develop my Roku TV channel and I also show how I've been using it.  If you would like to learn more about building a Roku TV Channel the links below will direct you to the Instructional videos.

6/6/2013 The Blog Update

What's new?

I'll start with Aereo TV.  I've made the switch to save hundreds of dollars a year on television service.  Aereo television is Internet and television mixed that has created new technology.  Founded by Chet kanojia, Aereo television lets you watch local television networks for a fraction of the cost compared to cable TV.

Aereo TV Explained in Detail

New technology continues to become available to consumers.  Consumers can save about $1000.00 a year making changes by switching services then adjusting to a few new ways to watch TV, make phone calls and switching Internet Service Providers.  Staying on top of new technology hitting the market and changing some of your daily behavior can get you a lot more for your money. continues to expand by listing new Internet coupons daily and supports new ways to save money.

Shout Out!

An uprising author Lisa Kroulik has published her first book title Emotional Assault.

Emotional Assault:
Recognizing an Abusive Partner's Bag of Tricks

That is it for today folks.  Thanks for stopping by.

5/11/2013 The Blog Update

The topic?  A little bit of everything.

Have you heard?  Youtube announced there will be a small subscription fee to selective channels.  Fees range from $0.99 to $2.99.  Another change Youtube made effect Youtube Partners.  Youtube Partners now view all statistics in their Youtube accounts but will continue to receive money earned in their Adsense accounts. has become a popular platform for content writers.  If you are not familiar with  Bubblews, Bubblews is a FREE to join writing opportunity.  You join, write content with the opportunity to earn income.

Pinterest has opened an opportunity to earn money by simply Pinning Ads to your Boards.  It's called the Pinterest opportunity.  I joined a few months ago and I've already earned income and can see the potential the FREE opportunity holds.  It has become another stream of residual income for me.  I recorded two videos to show how easy it is to Pin Ads to Boards.

Viraliti Video # One

Viraliti Video # Two

eCoupons have become very popular.  People use their mobile devices to transfer eCoupons to their grocery store cards. has expanded its website.  Buy One or Many eCoupons offer HUGE savings.  Click Here to check it out.

That is it for today folks.  Thank you for following

4/25/2013 The Blog Update 

Building up a Social Network Subscribers, Followers and Member base does help with daily Internet Marketing.  An active audience equals repeat visitors and using Social Networks to post updates is a proven way to direct traffic to your articles, blogs and websites but what do you do when you are tight for time but don't want your Social Network Internet Marketing to slow down?

Using Social Networks has proven its advantages but do you use a Social Network Profile as a form of a set it and forget it free Internet Marketing Tool?  Taking the time to fill in as much information as possible in the Profile section of the Social Networks you have an account with can help direct traffic your way.

I rely on Social Networks and most of the time I'm active signing in, posting, commenting, Liking, and Sharing however; there are weeks I need to direct my focus on writing new content, updating blogs and websites and recording videos and hours fly by fast when I'm focused on these tasks.

I recorded a video to show people how I set up my Social Network Profiles to Internet Market without manual advertising.  I filled in the profiles at all of the Social Networks I have an account with as a form of a set it and forget it Internet Marketing method.  I'm connected to thousands of Subscribers, Followers and Members and a percentage of them browse Social Network Profiles and people who are browsing the Social Network Profiles do so to find like-minded people to connect with.  Having as many fields filled in as possible does help with your overall online advertising and of course it's a free technique of marketing online.

In the video I show how I set up Internet Marketing to work to my advantage.


4/6/2013 The Blog Update

The more we learn the more we grow & the more we grow the more we learn.  This will be a short to the point update but the knowledge gained is valuable and useful.

Do you find it challenging to increase Facebook Page Likes, Facebook Group Members, Google + Community Followers, Twitter Followers and so on?  I have a free tip to help direct interested prospects your way the gradual way and it's a simple action you can take.

Create a blog, an article or a webpage and post a list of all your Social Networking websites.  It really is that simple.  Over time your blog, article and webpage will get indexed to the Search Engines and occasionally you can promote the URL to Twitter to help speed up the process of making connections.

If you would like to help speed up the process more, you can create several pages posting a list of your Social Network locations.  Please feel free to visit the two URLs where I have my Social Network locations listed and feel free to connect with me.

Social Networking Blogger Blog

Social Networking at

 3/22/2013 The Blog Update

 Hello everyone!  Welcome to The Blog Update.

Today I give a Shout Out to a fellow article writer Diane Ziomek.  Diane is just one of the many people I met online who shares a common goal of creating residual income on the Internet.  Meeting like-minded people like Diane help me stay the course of pursuing my goal of becoming a successful Internet entrepreneur.  Building online relationships with people who understand the course of action needed to achieve Internet success helps me stay balanced and sane.  I say this because it's difficult to go it alone when no one in your daily life shares your passion or vision of developing a successful Internet business from the ground floor.  It is a pleasure to have built friendships with people like Diane who understand the process of creating multiple streams of income online.

Writing content online led me to endless opportunities of generating residual income.  Just like Diane, I started to write articles at Revenue Sharing websites.  I did not understand much about building websites or manually creating ad codes to embed into a websites HTML but I continued to write, became active in Forums and Facebook Groups.  Over time I learned how to earn daily revenue faster from writing content, started to build websites filled with referral links and free information and eventually became an Internet Marketing Guru who sells products and services.  There truly are endless free ways to develop residual income.

Giving you a brief overview of my online journey was to teach you that there are many different paths to choose from if you want to earn money online.

The purpose of The Blog Update today is to give Diane Ziomek a SHOUT OUT.  Diane started her online career as an article writer and doing so led her to write a handful of online books.  Yes, Diane Ziomek has become a successful online author.  To date she has written five Amazon books that are available for sale.  The Craft Shop Report, The Hidden Estate, Success….It Starts With You, The Homemaker Helper Series:  Crafts:  For Those Who Work at Home (Volume 1), and Writeful Advice:  Straightforward Information to Get Your Book Written Sooner.

Diane took that first step that led to her online success story.  Diane Ziomek has become a successful online author and an online successor.  If you would like to learn more about Diane Ziomek,
Click Here to visit her website and once there you can subscribe to her Mailing List or choose to connect with her at Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Don't forget to become a Follower of the FreeWrtieRevenueStreams blogspot to enjoy future updates.


3/4/2013 The Blog Update

Today I want to give a SHOUT OUT to a new Submit-A-Link feature that the Residual Income Digest website added to its platform last week.  If you are not familiar with Submit-A-Link services, it is a service for article writers, bloggers, website creators and Youtube users to submit a URL to the website platform as a way to advertise FREE online.

Yes it is FREE.  Visit Residual Income Digest and click on the Submit-A-Link link at the top right of the webpage to submit a URL for FREE.  Hope to see you there.

People helping people is the sure way to online success.

2/25/2013 The Blog Update

Words Of The Day - Expansion - Widespread - Global -  Broaden -  just to name a few.

If your blog, website or article receives a few daily repeat visitors that of course is a good thing but as your online presence evolves, wouldn't it be nice to have new visitors come your way each day, week and month?

I've created a widespread global presence of my blogs, websites and articles.  Expanding to cover a broader global area has helped me direct organic traffic that turns into repeat visitors.  Gradually each week I obtain a new Subscriber or Follower who visits my blogs, websites and articles for a prolong time.

Tips to gradually broaden your online presence.

#1 - Join the most popular Social Networking websites, create an informative profile and become active in the community.  I belong to many Social Networking websites and signing in each day has become a part of my daily morning routine.  I sign in, I do my thing and I sign out.  The task has become second nature to me.  I'm now comfortable using several different Social Networking platforms.

#2 - I'm an active online writer and when I started to write online the niche I wrote about the most spoke about home-base income opportunities, how to earn money online the free way and free Internet Marketing techniques and tools.  Writing about a targeted niche topic in my opinion prevented me from earning lots daily revenue everyday.  I'm not saying I did not earn money from all of the content I wrote but spending a couple of years writing lots of content about the same topics held me back a bit.  I suggest writing about many different topics and linking all of your own blogs, websites and articles to each other.  I started to link all of my work together and over time I noticed my daily revenue earned increased and started to accrue faster.  Interesting isn't it?  Since then I make it a point to connect new work to old work and old work to new work.

The list of links below are just a handful of my favorites.  If you notice they speak about different topics but they are all linked to each other.  Someone who visits my website might find the banner of interest and click it or maybe a visitor browsing through my might be interested to click on a link or banner leading them to the website which is another one of my growing websites.  The more I connect my own work the more of a chance I will generate some kind of revenue.


 2/19/2013 The Blog Update

Building an Internet Business with the premise of people helping people has been the main goal when I started working online.  Of course the beginning stages were rocky when learning about scams and the dishonest Internet entrepreneurs that worked the web 24-7 but as I learned I pushed harder and stayed the course to build a successful Internet Business with the concept of people helping people. Because of my desire to stay on course, lots of Internet successors have done good deeds for me such as giving my website a shout out, used one of my youtube videos on their websites or blogs and gave my websites, blogs and articles a social share.  I appreciate it so much when someone finds my content or videos to offer some kind of usefulness.

The latest kind gesture an Internet successor has done for me was to write a recommendation at LinkedIn.  Someone valued my advice and information I shared and spared their time to write a recommendation that shows on my professional profile at LinkedIn.  I only started to use LinkedIn regularly recently and having a prominent user of LinkedIn who spared his time to help me makes me feel pretty damn good about myself.

Because of his kindness, I felt that I should give his growing website a special SHOUT OUT.  I'm giving a shout out that it deserves.  The websites concept is unique and I find it to offer a service to people for generation to come.  Go check out

2/15/2013 The Blog Update

Today's blog update speaks about an upcoming blogger who enjoys blogging about modern technology.  Because I enjoy his blogs topic, I felt why not give the blogger a SHOUT OUT to help the blog receive a little extra online exposure.

Techno-Day is the name of the blog and I believe the blogger is pretty new to the blogging community or his Techno-Day blog is one of his newest blogs.  Whatever it may be I'm here to simply give it a SHOUT OUT because I enjoy the blogs topic, I'm now following the blog and look forward to future posts.  I find it hard to keep up with the ever changing and evolving modern technology so from now on I will help myself keep up-to-date visiting the Techno-Day blog for updates.

CLICK HERE to visit Techno-Day to keep yourself up-to-date with modern technology.

2/13/2013 The Blog Update

Online Classifieds is the topic of discussion today.  Posting ads to Online Classifieds is a wonderful free way to market online but if you are a visitor and you are browsing through the categories for business opportunities or a job, then you have to be very careful.

First I'll speak about the positive.  If you are posting ads to the classifieds to advertise your business, articles, blogs, websites, and videos then it's all good.  The more ads you get posted the more of a chance you will direct interested prospects your way.

Now let me speak about what I feel are the cons to using Online Classifieds as a visitor.

In November 2012 I started to browse Craigslist and Backpage Online Classified websites for about an hour five days a week.  I would and still do grab my iPad, jump into bed and browse.  I figured if I were to start using Online Classifieds as a form of Internet Marketing, I needed to research to see what kind of business opportunities and jobs were being listed.  My findings taught me that there are lots of enticing ads trying to get people to enter their name, email and phone numbers to have access to free information.  I too read ads that were seeking to hire bloggers and freelance writers and willing to pay a flat fee for services rendered.  The job seekers pay a flat fee but then generate income for years to come off of the bloggers and freelance writers content.  I also viewed Gig jobs that blatantly tell you that the pay is low but they need to hire people.  Then I've come across ads that the title has spelling errors or the ad is poorly executed.  I feel that if a company, business or employer was serious about finding good help that they would at least spare twenty minutes to put together an ad without spelling errors and typos.  OK, I understand that humans make mistakes and an occasional typo does happen but most of the ads don't even use capitalization.  I use to think that I was the dummy but not anymore.

Online Classifieds offer a wonderful free way for Internet Gurus like myself to market online free and I appreciate it but if you're using the classifieds to find a business opportunity or a job, I feel bad for someone who is seeking a real good opportunity.  Not only is the competition fierce but companies, businesses and employers try their best to hire help on the cheap.

Of course this is just one person voicing their opinion.  If you would like to learn how to use Online Classifieds as a form of free advertising, CLICK HERE to have access to free information.

2/11/2013 The Blog Update  
I did not think I would add an update so fast but I guess when you are on a role it only makes sense to go with the flow.

Today's Topic speaks about a Twitter Software that many people use to get lots of Followers the easy way and it's called Tweepi.  Tweepi helps with managing your Twitter account by flushing the unfollowers, helps you reciprocate, cleans up the inactives, force to unfollow you and follow new Tweeps.  Tweeps is a managing tool.

I've tried different Twitter software to help keep my Twitter accounts up-to-date with active Followers but after using them I decided to manually and gradually clean out my Twitter accounts on my own.  By doing so I know exactly who is who, who is active, who Follow me and because I gradually built up active Followers, when I Tweet I do notice an increase of activity at my articles, blogs and websites.

I'm not here to put down the software but I am here to tell you that in my opinion keeping my Twitter accounts up-to-date manually has helped me increase traffic to my articles, blogs and websites, helped me recruit bloggers and article writers and helped me make more sales.  I feel if you can manually and gradually build up your popularity that can only help with your success in the long run.

How do you feel about using software programs that artificially expand your online presence?


Hello and welcome to the new Blog Update Page dedicated to blog post updates.  Because I've built a modest following, I thought maybe the followers would like being informed when I try new websites, learn about new opportunities, share Internet Marketing procedures, methods and techniques, and appreciate me sharing stories that a growing Webmaster experiences while working in the WWW daily.  There are many good stories to share, many lessons learned stories and there are moments like I had today that lead me to start a Blog Page Update to this blog.  Some of my Facebook Friends followed the short episode when it was going down and all of them who commented backed me up.  I don't usually slash out at Friends who share their Links on my Wall but tonight I had to immediately speak up and did it on my Wall not in a private message.  The person who posted the Link was not happy with the fact that I shared my opinion openly but I feel when people keep things quite while not sharing the same opinion when doing business online can do more damage in the long run with he said she said stuff.

Here we go.  The story began when a person contacted me through Facebook to ask me questions of how I go about Internet Marketing.  He requested to join the Online Article Writers Facebook Group, I approved the request and he started to ask questions in a private message.  I was honored to help and we bantered back and forth a few times.  I then sent him a Friend request and he accepted.  I was a little weary but I remember starting out and feeling people wanting to sell me on opportunities or get me to join a system and pay monthly to earn money.  It sickens me the road I had to travel to become the successful Webmaster and Internet Marketer that I am today.  I take a lot of pride building a successful Internet Business using free resources available on the web and I take a lot of pride in helping others do the same so when a person slips through my radar, I get pissed and angry.

On 2/10/2013 in the early evening hours that person I welcomed into my online world open heatedly posted a Link to a Splash page the was used to attract innocent prospects who seek hope to a better financial standing to their future on my Wall asking me and others to Like and Share the post, I lost it quickly.  I immediately shared my opinion on his Facebook Wall and asked if he contacted me to push the opportunity on to me.  I wanted to know if he thought he had hooked me.  He then sends me a private message suggesting I should had contacted him in a private message and not on his Facebook Wall making the opportunity sound so negative.  Hey, he posted crap on my Wall so I posted back on his.  I want people to see what goes down online.  I know for a fact that the opportunity he was trying to promote want people to pay hundreds of dollars for the so called secret system.  At first I got upset then realized that he probably spent hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars to join in on some bogus opportunity that he now had to promote constantly to get very little in return.  As the minutes went on I felt worse but I do not regret posting the story on my Wall as the story unfolded.  I want my Friends and Group members to see hands on the bull-crap that happens online.  I fell for so many bogus opportunities that I lost count how many thousands of dollars I lost in the past years however, never giving up, continuous mistakes and learning how the Internet Business opportunities work, learning how to feel out the scams and Splash ads that are created to only make the developer earn hundreds of thousands of dollars (yes, hundreds of thousands of dollars) turned me into the successful expert that I am today.

Needless to say the guy unfriended me and left the Facebook Group within minutes of us bantering back and forth and I'm fine with that because for all I know he could had been trained to try and hook me and I would not want him trying to do that to the members of my Facebook Group.

I'm glad I decided to start a Blog Update Page.  I'm not sure how often I will post updates but I do hope that when I do that the blog Followers enjoy the stories and information I share.  Feel free to comment anytime and of course feel free to add a URL or Domain with you comment.  People helping people is what it's all about.

PS:  This is the first time I've updated a blog using an iPad and not a desktop. Blogger works pretty good with the iPad.  I like it.


  1. The Blog Update has been released. I hope you enjoy the topic of choice.

    Michelle Cesare

  2. I do not have a large enough following (yet) to warrant using software, but I do need to go through again and do some clean-up. I average about a dozen new followers a week (give or take) so do have to do some reciprocating as well. I haven't used Twitter much until recently, and I too see an increase in my article views and book previews when I do Tweet.

    You are making the process easier to understand and manage...thank you Michelle. :)

    1. Hello Diane,

      No problem. It makes me feel good when I can help someone.

      I did learn more about the Twitter software and how it helps users weed out non-active users. Well, I happen to feel that is bad business letting a machine decide if someone is worth keep as a Follower or not. There are days I can not Tweet, reply or retweet enough, then there are weeks I sign in to take a quick look, Tweet a few Tweets and retweet a friends Tweet and then there are months I do not have the time to sign in but I do eventually come back in full force. I feel machines miss out of the real circle of life and the Twitter software users lose good long lasting Tweeter users.

      Of course this is just my opinion.

  3. Interesting post and blog. I want to ask you if you know about the Autoblog Samurai, I have bought it. Is to make autoblog and I would like to you give me your opinion if you have used it. Thank you very much, see you soon.

    1. Hello Techno Day,

      About two ears ago I bought and used an Autoblog program. I did not have good results when using it. I found the posts that did automatically get posted to blogs either had to be approved by the administrator of the blog so who knows if the blog posts ever got approved or if an Autoblog post did get posted in many cases the blog post did not match the topic of the blog. I had a handful of Blog administrators write me to tell me to stop Autoblog posting because it annoyed them.

      Just because my experience was not good does not mean they don't work now. I learned over the years that posting manually regularly over time does reap rewards in the long run. I know the feeling of eagerness to reach a set goal but I gave up a long time ago using software programs like Autoblog posts.

      Please let me know how it works out for you. I'm very curious. Tanks a lot.

    2. I have bought the autoblog Samurai that for example takes a post in chinese and translate it into english and with it we obtain a "original" post. But I am not using it because I have felt afraid to for example put to these blogs adsense and google will detect something with the new algoritm and I will be expulsed from the adsense program. Autoblog Samurai also can manage more than 1 thousand of blogs in auto-pilot.


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