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Creating streams of income for free has become the reality of an ordinary person who had a vision of earning residual income online.

 Learn How To Earn Income Online Free

Hello, my name is Michelle Cesare and in January 2009 I started to write online to better my financial standing.  In the beginning it was a struggle to understand how people earned money online writing but the idea of creating multiple streams of income using free resources available on the web interest me.  I wanted to better my financial standing for my future.  I FINALLY realized I NEEDED start writing to go through the motions of learning writing techniques, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization in order to earn steady extra income.  After learning how to earn steady monthly income writing articles, blogs and creating free websites it HIT ME.  Are you curious what exactly HIT ME?  I'll tell you, RESIDUAL INCOME.

Many people feel the word RESIDUAL describes Multi-Level Marketing and gives the impression of spending money in order to make money.  I use to think this way.  People would tell me in order to make money you need to spend money.  NOT TRUE!  It's time to change your mindset.

  • No need to pay out of pocket to earn money online.
  • Creating an Internet Writing Business is NOT A QUICK RICH SCHEME.
  • It's not easy but it does get easier and becomes fun.
  • Working hard long hours in the beginning so OVER TIME spend less hours working hard.
  • The revenue you earn becomes RESIDUAL - When I started writing in 2009 I never considered earning residual income and now I do.
  • Eventually your Internet Writing Business will supplement your income significantly.

I started to seriously write online in January 2009.  I fell for many quick rich schemes and scams and wasted so much time learning hard lessons and wasting money.  I'm succeeding because of the hard lessons learned.  I started writing articles, blogs and creating websites because I realized what I needed to do to create streams of residual income and I understood how to do it using free resources available on the web.  I am now earning revenue from writing articles, blogs and creating websites and it turned into


I don't mean to sound cocky but consider yourself lucky finding this blog.  I say this because Internet Marketers earn hundreds and thousands of dollars each month selling this information.  INFORMATION SELLS but what we do with the information is what makes or breaks you.  Thousands of people are so eager to spend money to learn the so called secrets to growing a successful Internet Business.  After years of failing and falling for schemes and scams and through many trials and errors, I now know how to earn revenue online using free resources available on the web and how to turn the revenue into residual income.

If you're someone who has come across endless splash pages and websites marketing the next big thing and waiting to find out how much the information will cost, take a deep breath because there is no charge for the information I share here.

  • When I started to write online I would write an article a day.  I simply went through the motions and because I did I'm an old pro now.
  • Each article I wrote to that uploads to the web creates a URL and if I wrote about a timeless topic such as a recipe or a sewing technique the chances of the URL getting and staying indexed to the Search Engines for years to come is a huge possibility. I will generate revenue from the article for many years because of it's timeless topic.  I'll never have to redo the work again unless I want to add or edit the content.
  • To help your articles, blogs and websites STAY INDEXED in the Search Engines, I suggest learning about choosing a Title, using Meta Tag Description and Keywords/Tags/Labels.  Don't listen to the inexperienced.  A TITLE, META TAG DESCRIPTION AND KEYWORDS/TAGS/LABELS DO MATTER.  If you want to learn more about the importance of a Title, Meta Tag Description and Keywords CLICK HERE to read SEO META TAGS.
  • I earn extra revenue not charging people money.  How?  I teach people how I earn money online using free resources and when people join the free opportunities by clicking on my referral links, I earn additional revenue.  This increases my bottom line because I earn an additional % of revenue each time one of my referrals write an article.  It is not a huge percentage BUT I have referred dozens of people who write articles daily, weekly or monthly and my referral count continues to rise.  Eventually I'll hundreds of people following my lead because they clicked and joined through my referral links.  Soon the people who joined through my referral links will promote their own referral links and teach people how they created streams of income using free resources available on the web.  It is a long gradual process BUT IT IS A PROVEN SYSTEM THAT WORKSPeople helping people is the true path to online success. 

I'm sure you've heard the saying "if it were that easy everyone would be doing it".  Take my advice not to be enticed by huge hypes of earning hundreds or thousands of dollars over night.  This blogs focus is to help you learn what you need to learn faster than learning it on your own.
Below I discuss how to stay organized straight from the get go, offer direct links to the Revenue Sharing Websites and Pay Per Click Publisher Networks I use to earn streams of income online for free.  There are literally dozens of free opportunities on the web but I share in this blog the websites and networks I use to EARN MULTIPLE STREAMS OF RESIDUAL INCOME FOR FREE.

Pay Per Click Publisher Networks:
There are many PPCPN you can join for free and the PPCPN I introduce here are the networks I personally use to generate income.

Want to learn more?  Get an inside view to my personal business accounts showing that I do earn daily residual income AND learn about my entrepreneurial story.  I could not set aside the calling for me to be one of the first to create self-employment to secure my financial future.

Click Here or click on the A Pioneer's Foresight banner below.

 A Pioneer's Foresight

Pay Per Click Publisher Networks

Let me reiterate why I feel Pay Per Click Publisher Networks make it easier to create residual revenue compared to selling merchandise to earn commission.  Click Here Pay Per Action Marketing and Pay Per Click Publisher Networks.  I believe you will have a better chance of reaching your goals if you focus on writing informative articles and blogs and over time incorporate Pay Per Action Marketing into the mix.  I recently started to incorporate Amazon products into my Hubs, blogs and websites and over time I became very good at it but if you have no or very little experience generating revenue online, I suggest you start writing articles and work your way up.

The first step to take.  Create an email address for the sole purpose of staying organized.  I suggest creating a gmail account.  Creating a gmail account will come in handy when you join Google Adsense.  Each time you join a Revenue Sharing Website or a Pay Per Click Publisher Network, create a folder to save your confirmation emails.  Any time you need to look up your username and password, you will have the information at your fingertips.  I use email folders as a backup for my work all the time.  If I start writing an article on my computer, I copy and paste it then email it to myself then I place it in the Articles-In-Progress Folder.  If my computer has a breakdown I know my work is safe in an email folder.  Creating folders within your email account is a safe free way to backup work.

Revenue Sharing Websites:

The learning curve.  Whenever you start something new there's a learning curve.  The list below are direct links to the Revenue Sharing Websites I use to write articles.  Most of them give me the opportunity to earn Adsense Revenue.  Each Revenue Sharing Website offer different opportunities but they all share the same goal of earning revenue online the free way.  The creators (administrators) of the Revenue Sharing Websites offer a free and easy platform to earn money online and rely on their members to write articles and in return split the revenue generated from the ads placed throughout the articles.  The administrators run the free Revenue Sharing Websites because they earn revenue with the help of the thousands of members who write articles using their free website platform.  The administrators pay the bills and run the website with their cut of the revenue earned from their members who write for them.  Beginners benefit hugely joining Revenue Sharing Websites because they make it easy for members to build a solid online presence without knowing or needing to learn coding like HTML or JavaScript.

More To Learn

Revenue Sharing Websites either have their own revenue earning program such as SquidooHubpages and Redgage but most of the Revenue Sharing Websites I use let members earn Adsense revenue.  Revenue Sharing Websites have you submit your Adsense Publisher ID into your Account Settings and they place the Adsense ads onto the articles.  As a member your goal is to focus writing informative interesting content.  Awesome!  

And Yes - More To Learn

Learning something new can be confusing so I will do my best to help you understand.  Joining the Revenue Sharing Websites BEFORE you request to join Pay Per Click Publisher Networks.  Pay Per Click Publisher Networks don't approve just anyone.  Pay Per Click Publisher Networks seek out people who are established online.  When I started I got frustrated but after time I was finally accepted to Google Adsense, Infolinks, Amazon and Chitika.  I joined many Revenue Sharing Websites, created profiles and wrote a handful of articles at each Revenue Sharing Website THEN I applied to the Pay Per Click Publisher Networks and over time I was approved.  I do remember Adsense, Infolinks, Amazon approving me pretty quickly but with Chitika I had to wait several weeks before I was approved.  I believed in myself and continued to write so I could eventually create residual income.  Yes, I now earn revenue every day even if I don't physically work online.  In the beginning I earned nothing but over time I started to earn revenue each week, then every few days and now I earn revenue every day.  It was worth the trouble to learn how to create residual income online.  Writing online becomes fun when you get past the learning curve.  I make the time to write online.  Why?  Because I love it.  Writing online daily has opened many other doors to creating residual income.

I could continue to write information but until you decide to start writing to go through the motions yourself, you will never completely understand.  Putting to practice what I share here is the only way to learn how to create residual income online.  When going through the motions of joining the Revenue Sharing Websites and the Pay Per Click Publisher Networks, please feel free to write any questions into the comment field below.  I am more than happy to help you along your path.  I am more than happy to help anyone who wants to help better their financial standing for their future.  This blog was created to become a Hub for anyone who decides to follow my lead.  Are you ready?

The information below updated 2015

A list of Revenue Sharing Website I focus most of my energy to:

Pay Per Click Publisher Networks

My Website

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