Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Write Revenue Streams

Want to learn more about earning money?  Visit my website at  Lots of free information to learn how I went from earning no money to earning daily residual income.

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No need to pay to access information to learn how to earn online and offline.

This Blog was created when I started to work online.  I still practice what I have promoted for years and now build websites while still blogging. 

What are some of the perks to starting an Internet business of your own?

1:  Eventually you start to earn residual income.
2:  Tax write-offs at tax time.
3:  Create financial security.
4:  Working one stream of income leads to opening more streams of income.
5:  Earning residual income online gives you more free time to do more with your time.

You find yourself researching online hoping to find an easy to join opportunity that claims it is so easy to create passive income.  Don't fall for it.  Just like the saying goes, if it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

I've been at it since January 2009.  I've joined about a dozen programs that I paid into monthly.  I was told that all I had to do was promote an Affiliate Link to recruit new members and in about two years time I would reap huge monetary rewards.  NOPE.  Not even close.  

I also fell for the pay for information scheme.  I won't call selling information a scam but I will label it as a scheme.  Anyone can sell information.  However, once the buyer reads over the information, they realize there is a lot of learning and work they must do in the hopes of generating residual income.  The person selling the information gets paid and if a small percent of people follow the instructions, the seller has the buyer eventually paying more.  The seller's information trains the buyer to sell/recruit for them so they earn more.  As if you need to spend money to make money when building an Internet business.  

How can a person not spend money online to make money?  Because of my eight + years experience failing online, I now know what to do and what not to do.  I now know that I only need to pay for Internet access and of course for the computer/devices I use to work online.  I've learned that buying a Domain name and a website service is not mandatory to earn income online.  Until that changes I will spend very little money to continue the growth of my online business.

OK, I say there is no need to spend money on a Domain name and website service.  So why do I?  I spend a few dollars a month on a web service that includes a Domain name when I annually renew the service.  It is a personal choice but not necessary.

Do I really earn residual income?  Yes.  I can now honestly say I earn daily online residual income.  How do I do it?  Well, I'm a proud Affiliate and Publisher to different companies.  Just to name a few I'm an Adsense Publisher, an Amazon Affiliate and a YouTube Partner.

After all the years of dabbling with online opportunities, writing online to earn income still holds true.  Writing online opened many more doors for me.  The more I wrote the more I learned about Internet Marketing, Affiliate programs and Publisher programs.  I've become a seasoned Internet Entrepreneur.

I set up a handful of solid platforms to continue to work on.  The more I expand my online presence the more income I continue to earn.  There is no secret to earning online residual income.  You must do to learn how to earn.  It is that simple.

I took the time to update this freebie blog powered by Google blogger because all of a sudden this blog has become more popular.  It now receives hundreds of visitors a week.  It makes me happy to know that people find what I share online interesting to read.  I do my best to be as transparent as possible.  Yes, there are endless opportunities to earning residual income online.  And yes, there are thousands of scammers who try to make people feel they can not create streams of online income on their own.  The whole point of creating an online business of your own is to set up a secure financial standing.  Rid the middleman who takes a cut for their own benefit.  Work directly with companies.

Soon I'll be back to post an update again and I'll add video too.